Perfection is a strong term. It’s rare to find food without fault, a little human error in the making or plating. Yet on a recent cake tasting at Yauatcha (yes, we’ll admit we love our job) the sweet swirls placed in front of us could only be described just so. From the faultlessly smooth chocolate casing of the Chocolate Pebble, to the most Instagrammed Raspberry Delice (guilty) with its vibrant colour and ingenious velvet-effect texture, every element of the petits gateaux on offer is created in-house by an army of pastry chefs with exacting standards and more than a little creative flair.

It’s not easy pairing patisserie with Chinese food. Strong flavours such as chilli and ginger can easily overpower the palate. Yet instead of the traditional sugary desserts found at many a Chinese restaurant, the Yauatcha cakes are designed to instantly cleanse the palate with vibrant flavours and as little sugar added as possible. Single-origin chocolate from far off places such as the Amazonian-Peruvian jungle are chosen for their fruity flavours and subtle astringency, while little bombs of flavour such as the cassis and violet compote in the Grand Macaron are injected with an intensity that blows away any whisper of soy, chilli and garlic.

We could wax lyrical for a while (can you tell?) so at the risk of ramping up your cravings, we instead asked TOAST illustrator Louise Sheeran to capture our favourite petits gateaux. Which will you choose?

Spring petits gateaux collection


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