Yauatcha is a social space; a modern incarnation of the traditional Chinese teahouse; a space to connect – with the environment, other people and the experience.

Yauatcha provides a unique dining experience, offering authentic dim sum with a contemporary influence

dim sum

Yauatcha’s menu offering, served throughout the day, is dim sum dominant cuisine. It is formulated under the ‘core and peripheral’ strategy, meaning traditionally there are about ten dim sum dishes that form the generic definition of what dim sum is all about.

Scallop Shu Mai
Raspberry Strawberry Cheesecake


Yauatcha Patisserie is at the heart of the concept offering petits gateaux, chocolates and many flavours of macarons, all offered in Yauatcha’s bespoke signature packaging.


Products from the bar are inspired by heritage, tradition and cha (tea), enriching a sense of well-being and garnished with meaning and harmony. Whether you’re indulging in cocktails or not, Yauatcha is known for its intriguing drinks menu.

Cocktail Getting Flower Garnish
Tea Kettle

tea or 'cha'

To complement the cuisine, the drink menu is comprised of over 24 types of tea, as well as cocktails inspired by Chinese ingredients and a broad wine and Champagne list. Yauatcha features teas from around the globe including Taiwan, South Africa, Egypt, India, Japan, Paraguay and China.

“Yauatcha offers some of the best dim sum outside of China.”
-Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
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