Few things give me greater pleasure than watching someone make dumplings with an expert touch.

There’s something about a pair of hands expertly spreading out a wonton wrapper, putting filling in that neither overflows nor is too sparse, and then nimbly shaping them into the desired design – maybe making perfect pleats, or putting just the right touches to shape it into something which is familiar or exotic, depending on the nature of the dim sum. That is the reason why I stare at the busy chefs inside Yauatcha’s kitchen, rolling, slicing, wrapping, and then, finally, cooking dumplings and bringing them to the pass with a certain amount of fanfare.

Hand Crafted Dim Sum

Be it the pumpkin-shaped roasted duck pumpkin puff, deep fried to ensure that the five spice flavoured duck within is moist while the outside is perfectly crunchy, or the delicately steamed truffle edamame dumpling, a beautiful ode to the balance between texture and earthiness. A dish of spicy chilli oil, together with soy sauce and other condiments, can be added to enhance flavours, although I am not a big fan of adding anything to mar the subtle flavors of the delicate dumplings.

Hand Crafted Dim Sum
Truffle Edamame Dumplings

A pot of hot tea awaits on one side – begging to be poured into little cups. Unsweetened, the teas provide a scented surprise – a refreshing palate cleanser between each uniquely flavoured dim sum.

The Art of Dim Sum menu at the Yauatcha restaurants in India provides the guest with an experience that is unique – the crispness of prawn wontons is offset by the melting texture of chicken and water chestnut dumplings – it is a joy to behold. 

Chef Hand Making Dumplings
Handmade Dim Sum


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