Watching a chef make dim sum is wonderfully mesmerising. Watch a skilled chef at work and you’ll witness the transformation from simple ingredients to intricately-folded masterpiece happen in a matter of seconds.  These folds are repeated and repeated until a cluster of dumplings is ready to be steamed or fried, each one demolished in one bite. A tiny piece of art: delicious yet fleeting.

Describing the careful folds made with speed and dexterity by a dim sum chef is almost impossible – it’s a skill that needs to be witnessed. And because we can’t sneak you all in to the kitchens at Yauatcha, instead we asked TOAST illustrator Manolya Isik to animate her favourite dim sum shapes.

Scallop shui mai


Scallop Shumai in a Chopstick
Spring roll
Vegetable Spring Rolls
Wild mushroom dumpling
Wild Mushroom Dumplings